Thursday, September 30, 2010

Putting Learning into Practice....

Six sessions have passed in what seemed to be one of my most meaningful learning to date..

h) Reflection of the Course
Before the start of the course, I was asking one of my coursemates why this Elementary Mathematics module is required of us. The word “elementary” seems more suited towards primary schoolers and furthermore we have had math modules when we attended the Diploma level. She couldn’t answer, but now after undergoing the sessions I think I have found it.
Though of a little more complex level as compared to the math content learned at the Diploma level, it provided expansion in the degree of math concepts to be taught to young learners. I enjoyed hearing great-grandfather theories from Dr. Yeap’s friends of theorists! I also learnt a lot of math tricks which kept me very engaged and not ‘switch off’ like I normally do. Most importantly, I learnt to believe that my students would be able to involve themselves in these tricks too, as I initially thought that it would be a tad complex for them.
Now I hope I can make a difference.. It is my responsibility to ensure that knowledge is put into action. I am determined to share what I have learnt with my team of teachers and improvise on our math curriculum.
Thanks Dr. Yeap, for making us see mathematics in a whole new light. And please, do send my regards to your good friends, if you can!    =)

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