Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sequencing Learning Task

d) Place Value (34)

1.            Number in numerals
2.            Place value chart
3.            Number in tens and ones
4.            Expanded notation
5.            Number in words

My rationale:
Bruner recommends using the CPA approach, where young children should start learning with concrete representation first. Moving on from concrete experiences, the next step is teaching children numerals. I think numerals are very straightforward digits. I find that children can actually identify numerals faster than they can as compared to learning it through the other longer routes first. Do they understand it?.. Yes. From the numeral 34, introduce the place value chart. From prior concrete experiences, children should be able to represent with placement of 3 tens and 4 ones. Then, as children have learnt that the number 34 is made up of 3 tens and 4 ones through the place value chart, they can now learn the number words form. After which, the expanded notation is introduced, where children then go in depth into how many tens and ones individually make up 34. Addition comes into place here. The last stage is teaching the number in words. This should be the last step as children must possess the ability to convert the mathematical symbols into letter symbols.

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